Rabu, 29 April 2015

When a Country is Weak, it Will be Bullied

Copas dr group tetangga, tulisan WN asing yg mengangkat harkat & martabat Bangsa Indonesia
Dr seorg warga Singapura:
When a Country is Weak, it Will be Bullied
If you follow the news of the execution of The Bali 9, I’m sure as an Asian, no matter which country you are from, you can see with both eyes open, how the Westerners are just a bunch of bullies.
This is directed at Australians, French, and Brazilians, who stay in Asian countries. If you DO NOT RESPECT the local laws, and think that you can do as you wish, then please don’t come at all. We DO NOT welcome you.
We Singaporeans, Indonesians or Malaysians prefer other tourists than your kind. Please bring your poison somewhere else.
Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia’s laws are very clear, crystal clear. We will HANG drug traffickers. What’s so difficult to understand here?
Now your citizens have been caught red-handed, but you arrogant big countries still want to try to bully developing country like Indonesia to make them submit to your demands.
USA hangs and kills thousands of drug traffickers, why don’t you make noise there? USA almost destroyed Iraq, a country that never posed threats to anybody, why didn’t you make noise there?
These people bring poisons and destroy our youths, and you ask us to forgive them? They knew the risk, they took it, what else is there to say?
Brazil, a corrupt country that is losing its fight with the drug cartels, a country with extremely high crime rates in their cities, tries to teach other countries how to punish their own citizen’s crimes…. what a joke!
Australia, another country that is losing the drug war. Australia’s teen drug abuse is among the highest in the developed countries, Google it and see for yourself. With crime gangs and drug lords infesting their cities and universities, why is the Government now trying to defend the Drug Lord’s life. What message are you sending to your youths? That drug use is nothing illegal, as even your prime minister is defending it? What a joke!
France and the rest of Europe, what else is there to say? Ever visited Amsterdam? Drug capital of the world. Junkies everywhere. Unemployed youths snorting cannabis in coffee shops… what a joke!
So to all Australians, please don’t come to Bali, please, we beg you. We really DO NOT WANT your kind there. Please don’t come to Singapore, we don’t want you here. Please go to countries where you can snort cocaine freely like Brazil or Europe.
I urge Asian countries especially Thailand and The Philippines, to shore up your Asian Pride. Don’t let these westerners invade your country culturally. When I visited most of Thai and Philippine beaches and cities, what I saw were not tourist, but gangs of Europeans and Eastern Europeans forging ties selling things from drugs to prostitution. Slowly but sure, it kills the host country eventually.
To all westerners, if your country is crumbling and failing, don’t drag us down with you.
Thank You

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