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Top 10 BlackBerry Classic Keyboard Shortcuts

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Classic Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the default shortcuts that I think are particularly useful.  Press and hold a key to activate an existing shortcut or assign a new shortcut.

  1. Change Notifications to Silent – Q
  2. Lock BlackBerry Classic – K
  3. Launch the Calculator – U
  4. Compose a Message – Within the BlackBerry Hub – C
  5. Open Contacts/Address Book – A
  6. Launch BBM – N
  7. Launch Settings – O
  8. Launch the Browser – B
  9. Launch the Weather App – W
  10. Launch Help – H


Here are some advanced shortcuts and tips that loyalists will definitely remember.
  • Within the Hub, browser and a number of other lists, you can press B to go to the Bottom and T to reach the Top.
  • When in a text field, like an email, BBM Message or SMS/Text, type “mypin” and hit the spacebar to display your PIN number.
  • Similarly, you can type “mynumber” to bring up your phone number, “LT” for the current time and “LD” for the date.
Are you as excited about these shortcuts as I am?

sumber: http://blogs.blackberry.com/2014/11/classic-keyboard-shortcuts/

Other Blackberry Qwerty Keyboard Shortcuts For Blackberry classic, Bold and Curve Devices

  1. Launch the Browser – B
  2. Compose a Message – Within the BlackBerry Hub – C
  3. Launch the Weather App – W
  4. Launch the Calculator – U
  5. Launch BBM – N
  6. Lock BlackBerry Classic – K
  7. Change Notifications to Silent – Q
  8. Launch Settings – O
  9. Open Contacts/Address Book – A
  10. Launch Help – H
  11. To go into sleep mode just press top power button briefly.
  12. Hard re-set hold down power button.
  13. When talking on your BlackBerry, press the Currency Key to enable Speaker Phone.
  14. In phone mode pressing a key gives you speed dial.
  15. Hold down the shift key for CAPS lock and hold down ALT for numbers lock.
  16. Hold down letter key for its capital letter
  17. alt + any key brings up the search screen. Any key brings it up at first screen
  18. alt + sym brings up symbol screen. Press sym twice and you get the numbers keypad.
  19. alt + Return to change language setting of the keyboard.
  20. text input double space bar for full stop.
  21. text input mypin gives you your pin number
  22. In the Blackberry Hub Menu, press N to scroll down messages by previous day, P to scroll up by date. Press U to unread messages. Press S to search. Press B to go to bottom of list and T to go back to top of list.
  23. To reply to all in an email or PIN message press L. To reply to just the sender, press R.
  24. Type B to go to the bottom of message, T to go to the top or Space to skip a page in your Message list or email.
  25. Keyboard shortcuts for the Twitter for BlackBerry app: R – retweet, L – message to, C – compose, D – refresh your timeline.
  26. Space bar just scrolls one screen down at a time when in chat or channels. shift + space bar scrolls up.
  27. Type LD when writing and predictive text shows the local date, and LT shows local time to insert into a message
  28. When sending a message type myver then Space to display your BlackBerry smartphone model/current OS version.
  29. When typing press O to enter text by voice.
  30. In the browser
  31. space bar scrolls down one screen
  32. shift + space bar scrolls up
  33. K for book marks
  34. H for history
  35. R for Readability
  36. W for new tab
  37. T top of page
  38. B bottom
  39. U copy url
  40. S search
  41. I re-load
  42. P for back page
Most of the shortcut keys for the Blackberry Hub menu and applications works on all BB10 phones with Qwerty keyboards like the Q5 and Q10 Devices.

sumber: http://www.techsng.com/2014/11/blackberry-keyboard-shortcuts-blackberry-classic-bold-9900-video.html

BlackBerry 10 Shortcuts (Alphabetical)
Apabila ingin mengetahui jalan pintas via papan ketik secara alfabet, dapat di akses situs di bawah ini:

sumber: http://helpblog.blackberry.com/2015/02/the-definitive-listing-of-blackberry-classic-keyboard-shortcuts/

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